Ydata@IYRES plays an important role in the process of youth development by providing data to assist and
encourage informed decision maker, research and discussion within agencies and the community.

Strengthening IYRES-PJS Network for Youth and Sports Development

BUKIT JALIL, 21ST APRIL – Institute for Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) extends its network further by conducting a courtesy visit to Sports Commissioner Office (PJS) as a way of establishing itself as the premier youth research institution in Malaysia. This visit aims to strengthen the existing communication between IYRES and PJS with focus on youth data sharing that can be uploaded in Ydata@IYRES’ System on real-time basis which will increase the efficiency of the system. The data sharing will focus on the function of PJS as the main body administering sports associations and clubs in Malaysia.

Ydata@IYRES’ System is a medium that acts as a one-stop-centre for all information relating to youth with data contributions from various ministries and agencies. IYRES was represented by its Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Zainah Shariff while PJS was represented by its sports Commissioner, Dato’ Zaiton Othman.
Prepared by:
Siti Nur Hidayah Ismail

Edited by:
Wan Nor Iza Mohd Nor

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